Вашен Де Вайзер
Psychotic Good
In a garden of marble and vines,
On a bed of moss and bones
I look up at the northern skies
As the constellations glow
With their power to show our minds
The roads they’ve lit for us to go.
I was sad that I’m still alive
But you’ve told me there’s something more.

I found solace in your words
And feelings stronger than I had before.
To your lighthouse I will walk
For a nightly song and a friendly talk.
I can show you where it hurts
But it’ll hurt again once I’m outside your door.

In a forest, among the trees,
I stand on my knees, I am ready to pray.
My confession that no one hears
Hides behind the stones from the light of day.
As I stare into the night
I can see the beams fractured by the wilds,
I should go where I feel right
And so far it’s only by your side.

I found solace in your world
And vivid dreams for a heart gone sore.
I’m a mock-up made of clay,
But your fire keeps me strong for days –
I can finally feel whole,
But I might break again once I’m outside your door.

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