Вашен Де Вайзер
Psychotic Good
I’m seeing it now – we were fated to meet,
But this red string was sold with a hook;
Romance worthy of a comedy skit,
A movie version of a hideous book.
And I never tried making a closer look
Since I knew nothing better, if I ever did.

The pleasure was mine,
I could only compare
This bliss to a bird that has finally flown.
Promise me a lifetime
Of all things fair,
Love me like a queen loves her throne.

A delicate web of metrics and rules,
A pinch of magic and a slab of concrete;
I never considered myself a fool,
But I had no chance to stand on my feet -
There was a mistake for me to repeat
Because this red string came with a harpoon.

Throw me into a faultline,
Feed me despair,
I would laugh to tears before I get blown.
Scar me for a lifetime
With no chance to repair,
Love me like a queen loves a drone.

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