Вашен Де Вайзер
Psychotic Good
I’m constantly feeling disturbed,
I guess that I’m still hurt
By suddenly becoming the third
After long time being the first.
It’s a pain that everyone’s heard of,
But the one that no one deserves,
And still I’ve got this maddening thirst.

Is anybody out there tonight
To come and find me screaming?
The world feels grotesque
And not worth to believe.
The dragon is raging inside
As I stand bleeding,
Without a lady to rescue
The answer is “Not to be”.

I wonder if you’re to trust
A delicate matter of heart.
My senses are covered in rust,
My faith needs a jump start.
I am corrupted by my past
And my revenge is a must,
Help me before I do harm.

Is anybody out there tonight
To find me caught in a twist
And take the shard out of my heart
Until my pain goes burst?
Help me regain my sight,
Help me pacify the beast,
Let me find my comfort,
Let me quench my thirst.

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