Вашен Де Вайзер
Psychotic Good
You want to choke the ones you love
For making you feel content
With a beautiful world
Of vicious intent.
You thought you’re better off yourself
Without the faces you love,
Without the smile that helps
To change a cold soul.
But now you’re held at spearhead
By your merciless fate,
With your voice to choose
An empty void or a place you hate.

Are you gonna let it out and tumble down the world?
Or you’ll stay until the end to see the credits roll?
You hope the storm will wash it all away,
The sea will leave the shore and only you will stay.

It’s like everything you’ve dreamed
Is to never be alive
And your hands stained with sins
Stretch out to cross that line.
But that anchor that keeps you
Is not the music sound only,
It’s the people, they too
Can feel themselves lonely,
You must put your shield aside,
Don’t be afraid to go forth,
When your worlds will collide
Love will be your reward.

To find the inner peace you should walk along,
You can’t always advance, but you are not alone,
Survive the wave that washes all away,
The sea will leave the shore where only truth will stay.

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2011-06-25 в 03:14 

Вашен Де Вайзер
Psychotic Good
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