Psychotic Good
I should’ve bought myself time
To solve the riddles around,
To get free from the vines
Of the struggles I’ve found.
I could’ve been better now
If only I knew before,
But things just turn around,
I can do nothing more.
There must be something wrong
Inside of my head
For the time I haven’t bought
Is now my dreadful debt.

I should’ve bought you a gift
To keep the feeling alive,
To replenish a myth,
To keep nursing a lie.
You never loved me as a man,
You loved the feelings I could give;
The fact I didn’t understand,
I didn’t want to believe.
And when I’m conscious from pain
I recently tend to recall
That it was kind of better this way
Than having nothing at all.

I always wanted to tell this, but I was too late,
Now these words are hanging unspoken.
I am bound to be forever in stalemate.
I was broke and now I’m heartbroken.

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