Psychotic Good
I’m totally fed up with farce,
Those repulsing ego-filled bigots,
I can’t help but scratch my scars
Flushing my melancholy within.
It’s time (time-time-time)
I’m about to give it up,
Time to shut you the fuck up.

Watch as I form my hands into fists,
Watch as I clash my teeth in a grin,
You’d better hide away from what I’m about to release,
Behold, here comes the fiend.

Hey, how you’re feeling today?
Is it a good day to get some payback?
Your blood stands still in your veins
While I’m standing above so strained now.
You’re mine (die-die-die),
You’ve got no time to regret,
You’ll soon be dead.

With a menacing gaze
I’m off on rampage,
I’m not here to amaze
But to feed my rage,
Don’t you run around
You pathetic clown,
Do you dig it now?
I’m gonna take you down.

Watch as I tear the world into pieces,
Watch as your end is about to begin,
I’ve done with the jokes, now you’d better believe this,
The spotlight is on, enter the fiend.

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2010-12-07 в 00:27 

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