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Heavy Metal Blues

Psychotic Good
Strained my body hanging on the phone,
With bloodshot eyes and shots to call;
In this city of granite there’s nothing set in stone,
You’re in trouble, boy, you should’ve stayed home.

I’ve escaped by the bridges I’ve burned,
Only to get into another mess,
Looks like I’ll have to take no rest
Till I get my peace with something I’ve earned.
Searching within myself to make some use,
Soothing my tired soul with heavy metal blues.

In a place where money slips away as you walk,
Where the ugliest jerks have the coolest girls,
Where pompous words cover the cheapest talk
You are being fed with an illusion forced.

I take a deep breath of the city’s air –
The freedom I’ve been promised smells like it’s rotten,
In a fight against the world it’s not like I have nothing,
But nobody said that others gonna play fair.
So I’m sailing along the streets, looking for clues,
Singing along… to my heavy metal blues.

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Psychotic Good
I can’t get enough air in my seashell
And those august nights make me feel disgustingly well,
I’m gonna follow my path down and away,
Spilling my wrath, cause I’ve got nobody to tell
And no particular reason to stay.
I have a book of poetry compressed to .flac,
Zero and a half liters of not giving a fuck,
And a beating heart, still intact,
Painted black.
I walk along the streets littered with one-hour-affairs
And envy thrown out by people walking in pairs,
Wishing my eyes could kill or at least choke,
Or even cause a stroke,
Because the deal that I made with love left me broke.
Yeah, I know I lack ethics,
I guess when I lost my friends to marriage and career
I got a little crazy having no one near,
I filled the void with immaterial aesthetics.
It would’ve been funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.
There still are people who may find me impressing
But my silver tongue is not a treasure,
But a mixed blessing,
And I’m afraid to give up, get blinded by hate
To retaliate
And find myself killing for pleasure.
May I remind you,
I’ve become a spellbinder
Quite long ago,
And if I get inside you
I can make you my pawn,
But my conscience protests against this law.
I find it hard to cope
With a wish of becoming a major ass,
Just because you’ve damaged my hope
Like a piece of glass.
But then I think if it’s really worth
To despise everyone who’s got something alike
With that one person on whole Earth?
Yeah, too much hype for tonight.
I haven’t got much time until I leave,
I don’t wanna know what time will unfold
But don’t wanna stick to the story being told,
I don’t know if it’ll change, maybe August knows,
But I can’t trace
Whether she wants to hold me close
Or she’s laughing into my face.

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Поезд of the Fall

Psychotic Good
А я шлю тебе сигнал SOS,
В своем море из слёз я забыл запах суши,
Мой разум – покрытый песком на дне вопрос,
Но может быть можно ещё спасти мою душу.
Ты метко стреляешь глазами,
В рукаве и на сердце две козырные дамы.
Наполняя искрами воздух между нами
Ты рисуешь нам жестами образы с экрана.

Мы пишем пальцем по стеклу
Вопросы, которые мы не спросим.
Наше падение в любовь без страховки
Не станет откровением,
Не будет остановки,
Наш путь с тобой лежит сквозь мглу
На поезде в осень.

Мы словно по горло во сне,
Хотя друг о друге никогда не мечтали,
Наша встреча блестит жемчужиной на дне
Под дождём плывущего вагона-аквариума.
И чувства готовят удар,
Сближают мои руки с твоими плечами;
Но этот вечер, этот флирт в стиле «нуар»
Останется лишь разговором между нами.

Наши с тобой пути разойдутся,
Мы – случайные числа, случайные гости.
Наше падение в любовь без парашюта
Продлится лишь мгновение,
Мы сменим маршруты.
Мы с тобой актёры «Театра без чувств»
На поезде в осень.


@музыка: Poets of the Fall - No End, No Beginning

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Psychotic Good
You want to choke the ones you love
For making you feel content
With a beautiful world
Of vicious intent.
You thought you’re better off yourself
Without the faces you love,
Without the smile that helps
To change a cold soul.
But now you’re held at spearhead
By your merciless fate,
With your voice to choose
An empty void or a place you hate.

Are you gonna let it out and tumble down the world?
Or you’ll stay until the end to see the credits roll?
You hope the storm will wash it all away,
The sea will leave the shore and only you will stay.

It’s like everything you’ve dreamed
Is to never be alive
And your hands stained with sins
Stretch out to cross that line.
But that anchor that keeps you
Is not the music sound only,
It’s the people, they too
Can feel themselves lonely,
You must put your shield aside,
Don’t be afraid to go forth,
When your worlds will collide
Love will be your reward.

To find the inner peace you should walk along,
You can’t always advance, but you are not alone,
Survive the wave that washes all away,
The sea will leave the shore where only truth will stay.

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Psychotic Good
I’m left only with an aftertaste
Of my time-ship in a relationwaste.
I was in love with your pretty face,
But didn’t expect a menace in my personal space.
Hey, you thought it would be so cool
To copy me your list of romance novel rules
And bury me beneath them so I cannot move,
Cripple my feelings just to call me a fool.
You thought you don’t deserve love to come to you,
I really did my best to show that wasn’t true,
Then you thought someone should love you better than I do
And my life was a torture until we were through.

But I’m still alive; I got one thing on my mind -
I’ve grown to despise your pathetic kind,
You think that keeping the feeling requires a trick
But your house of cards is gonna fall down quick
Covering you with a shadow of shame…
This is not a game.

I’m seeing all the desperate seekers
Searching for the one to put the ring on quicker,
Making their big bitch selves look weaker,
Lipstick on the bottleneck, finger on the trigger.
The younger reach to follow the “sisters”
Not knowing what they want and their ideals twisted,
Demanding love from their handcuffed misters,
Pushing too hard making their souls covered with blisters.
Hey, do you really think it’s brave
To give up what I represent and be your slave?
I will not be ashamed to push you out of my way,
Go fuck yourself, it’s clearly not your day.

Don’t try to touch me, keep in mind -
I’ve grown to despise your pathetic kind,
You think that keeping the feeling requires a trick
But your silly cage is gonna burn down quick
Showering you with ashes of shame…
This is not a game.

Your so called “love” doesn’t exist,
No matter how you try – I can resist,
Your so called “love” doesn’t exist,
You’ll try to take my heart and I’ll make a fist.

Don’t ever touch me, keep in mind -
I’ve grown to despise your pathetic kind,
You think that keeping the feeling requires a trick
But your box-shaped heart will be broken down quick,
Leaving you with nothing but pieces of shame…
Baby, you give love a bad name.

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(Out) Of Jealousy

Psychotic Good
I’m entangled to riddle myself
With a question my mind is getting tired to hold,
I’m tormented by the thought you can just go there
Lending your precious time to someone I’m not and won’t.
I’m pushing myself to figure the figures
Of the time I haven’t seen you, the time I’ve spent alone,
The other figure took you out, so I’ll stick it here
And throw darts covered with poison from my tongue.
You know, I hate to admit that I hate
Every piece of your happiness which I can’t share,
I hate the fact that I can’t ever give you the same,
Though I doubt that what you get is good enough to be there.
Well of course you didn’t lose me! I’m still hanging
Tied on a rope, slowly going farther,
Not showing a sign that I’m significantly sick
So you can go and have some fun with your significant other.
But hey! Please don’t think I’m going out of my mind,
That I’m willing to do crazy shit to get you around,
I just wish we have some fun, like good old times,
But so afraid that you’ve changed making it impossible now.

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Everything You Need

Psychotic Good
I’m setting up a carnival
For cannibals and carnivores,
Filthy rich men and classy whores,
Those who want sin and who want more.
Walk down the path made of wrath
Dressed in a cloth of sloth,
Have a sit right here to feed
Your envy, gluttony and greed.

If that is everything you need
You’re free to do as I told.
Your inner beast is freed
Smelling the filth unfold.
Neither a wise man’s dream
Nor a fool’s gold.

We’ve got the liquor and the sluts,
Enjoy the flow, enjoy the fume
With mouths open and eyes shut
You’ve crawled here to consume.
When this feast’s end is nigh,
You’ll feel the need to steal the crumbs,
Wishing to get yourself high
You gotta pull the others down.
I guess you’ll manage it yourselves
Bathing in blood and hate,
I’ll lay my shotgun aside,
Enjoy the show and… laugh.

If that is everything you need
You’re free to fight them all,
Your empty soul had a need,
But it will slowly mold.
I’ll observe you fight each other,
I like to see heads roll…

In the dark, it doesn’t matter if you’re sheep or shark,
No time to bark, seek out the weakened and bite them hard,
Your vile will wishes for nothing but sin and thrill,
To fulfill your appetite you gotta go out and kill…

If that is everything you need
You’re free to have it all,
Defeating others to feed
Is never getting old,
But self-called predators won’t flee –
I’ve got a stock to unload.
If that is everything you need
It just makes me sick.
What doesn’t kill you makes you weak
So I can kill you instead,
I’ll gift each one with a shot
And just leave you for dead.

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Into Tomorrow

Psychotic Good

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From Yesterday

Psychotic Good


Psychotic Good
читать дальше

Но вы всё равно ничего не поймёте и не скажете, правда? Я не обвиняю, я констатирую факт.
Чорт, как паршиво.

@музыка: Stone Sour - альбом "Audio Secrecy" 2010

@настроение: знакомый привкус зимней безнадёги

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Psychotic Good


Psychotic Good


Psychotic Good

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The Last Leaf

Psychotic Good
October at my window,
Rolling the curtain of devouring night.
I’ve done thousands of sins, though
I was struggling to repaint it right.
And after all the mess I get,
I’m stripped out of regret,
That voice inside me told
“It was their fault”.

Save me, help me before I slip,
My insanity tightens its hideous grip,
This monstrosity calls
For a role in my life,
I will try to hold up tight,
But I’ll never be the same when the last leaf falls.

Hiding all those feelings
I didn’t know their fire needed air.
With my bloom disappearing
My head is sunken deep into despair.
With that decaying mood
I’m stripped of all what’s good,
If you can’t save it all
It’s not my fault.

Save me, help me before I slip,
I am freezing inside the winter’s grip,
Because this bell tolls,
For the end of a line,
I will try to stay alive,
But I’ll never be the same when the last leaf falls.

I’m all out of my past ambitions,
The word “evil” has never tasted so delicious,
I’ll ignite the dried soul with a sinister spark,
And the fire I’ll bring is not to light the dark,
But to burn the masses
With my newfound madness.

It takes a simple recipe to preserve what I still feel,
You would’ve run with the wind while I’m up against the wall.
But who the hell am I kidding, YOU’RE NOT REAL!
And I won’t reach your hand no matter how loud I call,
I guess I’ll never be the same when the last leaf falls.

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Dear John

Psychotic Good
Is always making things worse,
Riding through our flower field
On a pale horse.
My attention,
My eye is not as keen
And the people we’ve been
Are no more.

It should’ve ended many days ago,
I guess I wasn’t that strong,
But I’ve done it all along.
It should’ve ended with a message on my phone,
“Dear John…”

You and me was a chasm,
The hopes that held us together
Became chains.
My dear, I don’t give a fuck,
The odds are just against my luck,
But I’m feeling

That we no longer follow the same route,
I feel pity for it turned out wrong,
I can’t blame you for being so cute,
I can’t blame you for evolving on,

It should’ve ended many days ago,
I guess I wasn’t that strong,
But I’ve done it all along.
It should’ve ended with a message on my phone,
“Dear John…”

It should’ve ended many days ago,
I guess I wasn’t that strong,
But I’ve done it all along.
It should’ve ended with that message on my phone,

“Dear John,
I think I have to be true,
We both know that we’re through,
I hope you’ll make it alone.”

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The Spider

Psychotic Good

The Hero

Psychotic Good
Закрой свой рот моими губами,
Ведь ты устала говорить, а я – слушать,
И вроде оба прекрасно понимаем
Но тебе уже не нужно, а мне – ещё не нужно.

Ты без меня как кошка свободна,
Со мною ты так добра и внимательна,
С тобою я герой-любовник,
А без тебя – герой меча и магии.

Мне по душе бессонные недели,
Тебе – покупки одежды с продовольствием,
Я сделал удовольствие своей целью,
Тебе же цели приносят удовольствие.

Два сердца вместе, две души за рамками,
Мы с тобой всё время не ладим,
Ведь ты принцесса из другого замка,
А я герой меча и магии.

То, что ты всегда называла мечтой,
Я всегда считал безумным стремлением.
То, что я называл «побыть наедине с собой»,
Ты считала бессмысленной тратой времени.
Как материя с духом и сила с объектом
Возникают столкновения всё время где-то;
У обоих хватает ума и факт признан –
Не бывает победителя в войне эгоистов.

Ведь не было ни лжи, ни измен, ни обмана,
Но двоих с головой непонимания.
Ты – героиня, но не моего романа,
А я – герой, герой меча и магии.

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Psychotic Good
читать дальше

Как всегда кажется что написал не то, что изначально хотел.

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Psychotic Good
The moon is up as a crescent,
A smiling serpent,
Venus is below like a bitch,
Filling the air with a primal scent
Right into the new stitch.
Fuck the pills and the sence,
Fuck me and my mask of an online whore,
I'll blend into the city mass only to feel whole.
April bites and it's low string tangles,
My number is a triangle:
One in a distress,
Two with a mistress,
Zero with a confess,
A thought for food for you to puke,
Launch it for you to munch like a nuke
And look
Like the climax is nigh
Because the dive I took
Is a sidestep into the night.

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Psychotic Good